We deliver funeral arrangements to a location chosen by our customers. The service is available only in Warsaw. The funeral arrangements on this site represent a small portion of our abilities. We are capable of creating an arrangement that will suit all of your needs. You are welcome to contact us via e-mail or call our store in order to obtain more information. However, we encourage you to come in to our store located at ul.Plutonu Torpedy 28, Warszawa-Ursus. Due to the fact that every funeral arrangement is unique we price them individually and therefore do not include pricing on this site. Please contact us in oder to obtain more information and to work out any details.

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Dekoracja urny

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Wieniec pogrzebowy...
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tel.: (22) 662 71 13,
tel./fax: (22) 662 32 99



  • One and half hour delivery available in Warsaw. Flowers delivery to Poland and worldwide.
  • Our company has right to change the flowers in the bouquet, baskets etc. It may be caused by lack of requested flowers. The changes won`t affect the price of order. We will do everything to keep the order the way it was ordered.

  • MAK does not take any responsibility for purchases made via the WFN web page.